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Public gathers and publishes all credit derivatives transactional data as soon as they are publicly available: on-the-fly trades from swap data repositories, daily clearing volumes, trade information warehouses’ activity reports and quarterly EMIR data. Public data on OTCStreaming Public instance are free of charge.

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Premium collects and mines daily credit derivatives runs from participating liquidity providers with a proper data governance. Premium broadcasts end of day SNAPs on liquid credit derivatives. OTCStreaming Premium should be available via subscription only in the coming weeks.

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Private mines on the fly its clients’ private credit derivatives data in dedicated & secured vaults, with a guarantee on clients’ data privacy. Available on a subscription basis, Private has been the real-time market data backbone for its clients over the last 3 years.

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With its unique data workflow, Stream collects, standardizes, enriches, archives and broadcasts on the fly all the processed data in a unique and simple format.


With its proprietary Synchronous Notification of Asynchronous Prices (SNAP), Snap aggregates the asynchronous data and broadcasts a true reflection of the market at any time: mid, bid and offer but transactional activity as well.


A unique feature for financial data, OTCStreaming’s users are involved in the data quality in conjunction with OTCStreaming’s data team and its robots checking the reliability of each and every data point.


Credit derivatives prices at a glance, Pulse charts the intraday market dynamics on the most liquid credit derivatives.

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Credit Index Streaming

Each bubble is a real credit index trade as reported in real time by the multiple SDRs. The more recent the trade is, the lighter the bubble. Bubbles are spreading out through the trading session according to the trade size and traded price.

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OTCStreaming leverages its founding partners’ extensive experience in the field of credit derivatives users to provide accurate, relevant, reliable and exhaustive data on the credit default swap market for the new generation of credit derivatives investors for which market data matter.

OTCStreaming is a subsidiary of Hellebore Group, a privately owned company offering solutions for credit derivatives investors.